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Lasendal Garnatxa (Rosé)


Price: $9.99

Location:Capcanes-Montsant, Spain

Varietal: 80% Grenache 20% Syrah

Vintage: 2005

Montsant is a very special piece of property located in the village of Capcanes, part of the Cataluna region in the northeast corner of Spain (near Barcelona). Originally this property was part of Tarragona, a large Denominacio d'Origen (D.O.) in the region producing wines of varying quality. Because of the terraced vineyards located at high altitudes, soil conditions, and very old vines located here this property is capable of producing very high quality wines. Capcanes fought hard for Montsant to achieve it's own D.O. status and it was finally awarded in 2002. Lasendal is one of the estates high up in the hills of Montsant.

Lasendal is a full-bodied, boldly fruit forward rose with rich aromas of ripe raspberries that float up out of the glass and pull you in to taste it's flavors of ripe red fruit and watermelon.This rose is dry but achieves such a perfect balance between the fruit and the acidity you don't notice it. The tongue tingling, mouth-watering acidity keeps you coming back for more and it goes with just about any food you can think of. What a pleasure for a hot summer day!

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