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White Wine Grape Varieties and Wines




Called Ugni Blanc and sometimes St. Emilion in France and is the grape used to make Cognac and one of the several grapes used to make Armagnac. In Italy it is part of the blend that makes Soave as well as Frascati and other wines. It is a bland wine on its own.

Perfumed grape that is the source of one of Argentina’s most interesting white wines.


Grown in the north- central Spanish province of Rueda.  Makes one of Spain’s top whites. Juicy, aromatic with floral and citrus characters.  Notes of pear, peach, and mango.

From the Marche province in Italy, this simple, clean wine has a high natural acidity and goes well with many foods.

  • Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi

Grown in Liguria and Sardinia, it is a dry, floral  white wine with good balance between acidity, fruit, and alcohol. Increasingly popular, it is  considered to be indispensable for making Ligurian fish soups.

Lively, light Italian grape grown around the Tuscan hilltop of San Gimignano.

Thick skinned, heavy yielding Vidal is used to make rich ice wine that has helped revolutionize the Canadian wine industry.

The most planted grape in northern Spain.   Make crisp, floral wines with citrus and a balanced acidity. It is also called Macabeo and is used as one of the grapes in making Cava.

Viognier is one of the finest but rarest French white grapes, located in the northern Rhone, where it is used to make the prestigious wines of Condrieu and Chateau Grillet. Also made in California.  Viognier’s appeal is in its exotic, honey-suckle, musky fruit, its round body, and its mesmerizingly lanolinish texture.


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