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White Wine Grape Varieties and Wines




The major grape used in the famous Hungarian sweet wine Tokay Aszú, furmint is also used for dry white wine.  Also grown in Austria.

Major grape of Soave the white wine of the Veneto.  Other grapes used in this wine are chardonnay, trebbiano, and pinot blanc.

Grown in Alsace, France and in California it needs a cool climate. Although this grape can be temperamental to grow, it can yield wines that are magnificent. At its best it produces a floral and refreshing wine with crisp acidity that pairs well spicy dishes. This wine is medium to full bodied with low acidity.  The flavors are lychee, quince, candied ginger and pineapple.   When left for late harvest, it’s uncommonly rich and complex making it a delicious dessert wine. 

An ancient Greek variety now grown primarily in the southern Italian region of Campania, where it is made into distinctive white wines, the most famous of which is Greco di Tufo.

This grape is found in Sicily.  Along with Cataratto bianco, it is one of the two grapes used to make Marsala. It is used to make dry white wine as well.

Grüner Veltliner
Austrian Grape packed with a spicy and musky flavor.  Often has an intriguing peppery finish.


Makes crisp, lightly structured wine that is slightly fizzy, zesty, and clean.  In Portugal it is used to make Vino Verde.


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