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Red Wine Grape Varieties and Wines




One of the finest red wine grapes in Spain, Tempranillo grows in the north-central region of Rioja, as well as Ribera del Duero where it is called tinto fino. Tempranillo makes complex, well structured, ripe, smooth wines that, when young, burst with cherry flavor.  After being aged-commonly for two years or more, tempranillo takes on an earthy sweet vanillin flavor.

Touriga Nacional
The most esteemed and richest of the several grapes that make up port.  This Portugese grape has tiny berries that make a rich deep wine full of flavors and tannins. 

One of the leading red grapes of Trentino-Alto Adige in Italy.  This grape makes wine that is ripe and smooth, with deep colors, fragrant fruits, and soft tannins.

 Makes elegant wines in Argentina, Uruguay, and Madiran in France.  Tannat produces big, intense, rich wines, with high levels of tannins, that age well in wood.


A California grape known for its full-bodied, full-flavored, high alcohol wines crammed with jammy blackberry, plum and boysenberry fruit. It can be thick, almost chewy with a peppery finish.  Used for white Zinfandel also, a slightly sweet rosé wine. Zinfandel’s simple jammy fruitiness is an easygoing match for grilled foods and is great with Thanksgiving dinner or other meals with multiple flavors going on. In southern Italy, a grape called Primitvo is almost identical to Zinfandel.

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